Am I wearing the wrong shoes for this class?


There is a good chance you are! My fit bit hit over 18,000 steps one day last week.  I literally performed Plyometrics (Jumps), taught TRX, yoga, barre and lifted weights.  Clearly my shoes have to be AMAZING and multifunctional.

Here are some tips on finding the perfect shoe for you:

  1. Group Fitness Class – Cross Training Shoes. Typically they are a little lighter, wider, and allow easier lateral movements without the added pressure on the knees.
  2. TRX Class – Running Shoes. The handles on the TRX straps can sometimes be used for feet. Think Suspended Planks. Cross trainers typically slide right through. Make sure your class is TRX not Circuits with TRX infused. Lateral movements may be used during circuits.
  3. Yoga – Barefoot. If you are in a fusion class or a power’s 20’s, keep your shoes light and try to keep the shoes on the floor, not the mat. There are yoga socks with grippers if you are uncomfortable being barefoot. There is a new line of yoga shoes which allow more movements as well.
  4. Barre – Barefoot. Not only is your balance better when gripping the floor with a bare foot, your feet will build strength. After increasing my time doing barre and yoga barefoot, my feet are stronger, my balance is better, my calves look and feel better AND I am able to wear my high heels without pain that I previously had. Little Black Dress Ready!
  5. Weight Lifting – FLAT. Chuck Taylors are a great pick. Cross Trainers work well for me. Easy to go from weight training to group fitness. There are weight lifting specific shoes if you are weight lifting only.

Game On!


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