Bonding Through Fitness

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Recently I  had an opportunity to host two different parties. One was for high school athletes getting ready to prepare for a state bound volleyball game and the other was a yoga and wine party. Both parties we decided to do yoga and of course lots of fun events in between.   Something surprising happened on both nights…laughter during yoga. Now this isn’t the forced “Laughing Yoga” class or people making fun of one another or their awesome instructors. 😉 Instead, when they were holding poses and starting to move, it led to a little bit of happiness.  It was as if they were bonding while trying something new.   At first I was worried that the yoga wouldn’t be effective with laughter… but as I looked around the room, I noticed the smiles, happiness, and the fun that came out of trying something new.  When we moved to Shavansa (Corpse Pose) everyone began to find their center… Especially the girls preparing for their big game and the end of their high school career.

For me it was a deeper bonding with family. My niece was one of the volleyball players. I had coached her years prior in volleyball as well as became her personal trainer. My brother and my significant other both attended my yoga and wine party. It was the first time they were able to see me teach and I was literally moved.

Whether it is boxing in Boot Camp or flowing in yoga exercise is a wonderful way to bond with the ones you love.


Game On!


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