Eating Healthy While Traveling… Is it Possible?!

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I recently went on a 2 day trip for a fitness conference. We drove 5 hours in the car and almost immediately I felt as if I should be indulging in “vacation foods.” Wasn’t sure if I was hungry or tired of driving, but food was the first thing on my mind. Eating fast food on the way to a fitness conference seemed to be hypocritical to say the least!

I had a trainer with me that has amazing nutritional sense. I knew I could get through the temptations with her. I recognized the triggers and the fixes for unhealthy eating. After we drank our waters we pulled off for a bag of almonds. When we arrived in Chicago we we ready for Chicago pizza!  Although we could have both eaten a deep dish by ourselves by the time we got out of the car, we ordered a small Chicago Style pizza and filled it with veggies. It was amazing! The salad came with their famous house dressing that I enjoyed almost as much as the pizza.

We did a little (maybe a lot) of shopping in between our barre seminar and fitness expo. Since time was more than limited, we found this amazing smoothie bar in the mall. Two “Super Fit” smoothies later, we were back on track for class. They even had wheat wraps with chicken that were really filling and surprisingly yummy! We found a local grocery store and picked up Greek Yogurt, granola, and some fruit for the morning. I ate the granola throughout the seminar. Nine hours of fitness is a long time for sure.

I made it back home without the dreaded vacation food guilt. In fact, if I had made other choices I knew that next day of teaching classes would have been brutal.

Healthy Eating Travel Tips:

  1. Keep Hydrated! Hunger is often mistaken for thirst.
  2. Proteins keep you feeling fuller longer.   Make smart choices!
  3. Eat the local foods, but make it a healthy version.
  4. Plan ahead and don’t forget breakfast. That hotel refrigerator is there for a reason.

Game On!


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