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Fortitude is the willingness to confront uncertainty. Uncertainty comes when you don’t know the outcome of an upcoming situation.  It can be scary to say the least.  However, being prepared for the uncertainty by training, focusing, and trusting in your abilities is where the champions prevail.

On Saturday 11/14 my niece and her high school volleyball team are playing their final game to go for the State Title. I coached my niece and some of the players when they played volleyball in elementary school.   We did yoga before our big championship games even when they were 9 and 10 years old.  Some of the players onmndpep this team have been in my studio for athletic training with me.   I once wore the Mount Notre Dame high school volleyball jersey too.  In fact, my niece is wearing the same number on her chest that I had on mine and my sister had before me.

I hosted a glow yoga party to get the girls mentally as well as physically ready to move toward their final step. I hope they play the best game of their lives.  I hope they cherish the moments with their team.  I hope they forever know that I will cherish all of the practices, sessions, and little moments that I have had with them and most importantly…

I hope they take the love of fitness with them wherever their lives take them.  Game On!



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