Studios are for the pretty people. I have to agree.

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My studio is full of people who are beautiful inside and out. These people work their tails off to be fit and exercise every chance they get. 

I opened my studio so that I had a place that was not intimidating… A place where I could go to exercise and teach other people how to exercise. This place is where I sweat like an athlete. This place is where I grunt with fatigue when I’ve hit my ultimate limit and I pushed beyond it. This beautiful studio is where clients cry because they’ve moved themselves more than they ever thought they could. This absolutely beautiful place is where I have found my authentic self and I know many of my clients have done the same.

These people are not only my clients they have become my friends. These clients/friends actually have become my family.  When classes are over and I’m busy on the computer helping someone, these beautiful people are talking to my children. These beautiful people are making sure they find the new person that is trying a class and ask them how their workout was and telling them what class to try next. I even see these beautiful people wiping down my equipment while I am helping someone else. 

So is my studio full of beautiful people? Absolutely!  These amazingly beautiful people are the reason I love my job. These absolutely beautiful people text me when I’m sick and ask me if I’m OK. So yes, we have absolutely beautiful people at my studio and I would not change anything about that fact. 

For those of you that are at my studio with me … thank you for being so beautiful. And for those of you that are ready to join me at Game On Fitness, be prepared to find your inner beauty.  It’s that smile that is created through hard work, realizing that your body is meant to move.  It comes at that moment when you move from your level I exercises that you have been performing for years to your level II and maybe even your level III. That beautiful moment will hit you when you see your little one in the mirror smiling from ear to ear when he is moving his body like you have shown him how to do.  There is no greater moment of beauty for me than watching my daughter and son practice yoga with me. 

Come join all the beautiful people… Just be prepared to be beautiful too! Game on!


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