The real reason Group Exercise is effective!

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Group Exercise used to mean leg warmers, grape vines, and competition. I remember putting on makeup and making sure my hair was just right for class and I was the instructor! Group Fitness in 2015 is friendship, support, and family.

Getting that text from your friend, spouse, or maybe even the instructor that invites you to join him/her in class can really make a difference in your fitness success. Looking around during a group fitness class seeing the different fitness levels and modifications that people make to make sure his/her workout is safe and effective is comforting.   Flipping the tire with people maybe you didn’t know weeks earlier cheering you on may be the change in your life you need. Kind of awesome to think…last week I was on the couch at this moment!

For me group fitness has turned into family. I love looking around my studio and feeling support from people I would never have known without my Game On Fitness home. Sometimes…even the strongest of instructors need a little smile to get through the push – ups and planks.

So today I am feeling blessed, grateful, and honored because so many of you have made Group Fitness your workout, too. Thank you for pushing me, trusting me, and giving me my home.


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