The Top 5 Reasons People FAIL at Weight Loss

    1. Saying “Can’t” instead of “Don’t.” Did you recently say the words, “I can’t eat…or I can’t drink” at a meal? When someone says “can’t” the words are inviting debate from others and taking away your power to succeed. For example, I personally have not had a soda to drink in 5 years. When I would say, “I can’t drink pop.” People would argue that there are no calories in diet pop and offer their opinions on the subject. I hold nutrition certifications and I know the damage drinking even diet pop will do to my nutritional goals so I was able to hold up my end of the debate. However, the easiest fix is saying these words, “I don’t drink (pop.) Change your can’t into a don’t and give the power back to you. Every time you say those words you are affirming your decision until it will become part of you. I don’t even think about “not being able” to have pop, instead I choose water and move on.154
    2. The Unattainable Goal. If you are reading this from your couch and you don’t exercise on a daily basis, deciding to run the next marathon may not be the best choice to hit your weight loss goals. However, setting up a fitness plan such as I am going to walk every day this week or I am going to try that awesome Little Black Dress Workout with Amy 😉 is setting you up for success instead of failure. Large goal = large reason to quit. Small goals will lead to bigger success overall and a lifetime of better health.
    3. Going it alone. Everything is easier with a friend. If there is no one that will “call you out” when you skip your workout it is easier to not go. Find a friend that has recently posted on fb about his/her favorite class. Of course, they are Game On Fitness classes 😉 Or grab your mom, your child, your spouse and ask if they are interested in joining you in “Pairs Personal Training.” It is easier to remember the workouts with 2 of you and harder to bail out on your scheduled session when your friend is counting on you to split the cost and share the sweat! No worries if you don’t have the courage to buddy up, pick a personal trainer that wants to see you succeed. If I see a client needs a little help, I will be his or her partner during the workout. I love getting on the TRX straps or doing yoga with my clients. BEST JOB EVER
    4. Obsession with watching the scale. I GET IT. Weight loss = pounds lost. Your body needs a minute to adjust to a new fitness and nutrition routine. You will lose pounds at first, but then your body will hit a plateau. Read my blog on September 10, 2015 to see more on fitness plateaus. Here is the good news, if you are exercising during your weight loss journey you are still building lean muscle and getting rid of unwanted fat. This attributes to inches loss. Smaller Screenshotsizetagsizes heading your way!
    5. Unrealistic Time Frame. I know there is that big Birthday coming up…or the wedding where you may see all your old friends. I also know that swimsuit season is right in front of us. Make your weight loss journey a success. If you try and lose 40 lbs by your 40th Birthday next month, you may be disappointed. Instead, make your goal to put on the jeans that are too tight in your closet and have them fit. Or like one of my favorite personal training clients found out recently, she had to go shopping for new clothes. She even sent me the picture of the tag! Happy shopping!

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