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whole body vibration training

Whole Body Vibration Training:


Decreases Belly Fat

Whole body vibration training has been proven to reduce visceral fat found in the belly.

Increases Bone Density

Studies have shown that whole body vibration training improves bone density without high impact training.

Reduces Recovery Time

Whole body vibration training is proven to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Improves Muscle Tone

Many studies have shown that whole body vibration training increases muscle tone faster than lifting weights alone.

Increases Lymphatic Drainage

Whole body vibration training is a great way to move the lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

Is For Everyone!

Whole body vibration training can be beneficial at any fitness level and any age.

What We Offer

XCLPlate Vibration Plate Fitness

Cutting edge whole body vibration plate fitness, offered in personal or small group setting.

Personal Training

Personal training on one of the only Power Plates® in the area!

Game On! On Demand

Monthly membership to our library of over 250 full-length strength, cardio, and whole body vibration training classes.

XCLPlate At-Home Vibration Plate Packages

At-home classes and whole body vibration training on your very own Vibration Plate.

About Us

Game On! Fitness blends the best tried and true fitness methods with cutting-edge workout equipment and science-based knowledge. We utilize a Power Plate® in our personal training workouts, offering a low impact, high intensity and accessible form of training that benefits everyone. Our personalized and unique exercise method ensures clients get the individualized fitness results they desire. We also offer Game On! Fitness Online, which offers a library of over 250 full-length online workouts led by certified trainers; or our XCLPlate At-Home Vibration Plate Training Package, which brings the benefits of whole body vibration plate fitness to their home.

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